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Parvin Razavi

&flora Creative Head Chef Parvin Razavi quickly made a name for herself in the Austrian culinary scene. Gault&Millau named her “Newcomer of the Year 2023.” The Falstaff Restaurant Guide 2024 awarded &flora with two forks.

Parvin Razavi

Parvin Razavi

Born in Iran, Parvin Razavi moved to Austria with her parents at the age of eight. She discovered her passion for cooking at an early age. She spent a lot of time in her mother’s kitchen, where she learned to know and love traditional Persian cuisine.

Since 2021, Parvin has been the head chef at &flora, where she has developed her own distinctive culinary style. Refined, open-minded and feminine – this is Parvin’s signature, not only when it comes to her dishes. The fact that her team consists mostly of women can be interpreted as a clear statement in the hospitality scene.

& Parvin loves oriental spices.

Creative Head Chef Parvin Razavi likes to pass on her love for cooking and enticing flavors through the meals she creates. Besides being served exciting dishes, our guests also receive a portion of positive energy.

Combined with Austrian, international and oriental influences, this fantastic culinary world tour also reflects Parvin’s personal past and present. It stays personal when we talk about “homemade” – because at &flora that really means “handmade”. Our fun-loving and open-minded philosophy only knows one exception: Strict care is taken to make sure as many ingredients as possible are regional and ethically sound.

Find out more about the use of regional produce at &flora.

& vegetables take center stage, meat is a side dish

At &flora, plant-based ingredients always take center stage. They are the highlight on your plate and the heart of the menu. This approach to nutrition makes a statement that communicates clear ecological and culinary values. Parvin remains true to herself in her work, maintaining a consistent style that is greatly appreciated by &flora’s regular customers.



Newcomer of the Year 2023


3 Toques


2 Forks

Rolling Pin

100 Best Chefs

Parvin also participated in the “I ran from Iran” campaign by
Amnesty International Austria.